Although Origami originated in Japan, it has fans and enthusiasts in many different parts of the world. Who wouldn’t like the fine art of creating some fabulous shapes by folding paper? Of course, you might not be into origami, but you can still appreciate all those wonderfully created shapes. 

In recent times, some game developers have created online slot games based on origami. The numbers of origami-themed slots may be quite a few, but they’ll surely appeal to fans of this Japanese art. Upon playing these games, you’ll get the chance to savour the magic of this art virtually. 

While they may not give the same excitement as the actual art done with paper, they’re a decent replacement. If you want to know about some more online slots and reviews of the best among them, visit

For now, let’s have a look at some of the best online slots based on the origami theme:

1. Origami

This is one of the most successful online slots of Endorphina, a Malta-based gaming company. It has been inspired by the Japanese art of origami and is characterized by unique graphics, bonuses, and multipliers. The art of paper folding was practised in Japan and certain parts of China for hundreds of years. 

With the help of advanced graphics, this online slot has been made to look cute and childish. However, this online slot can give you many chances to win some attractive prizes. It features 10 paylines and 5 reels. The paylines of this game are not fixed, but the highest wins are only possible if you enable all of them. You’ll find an ‘auto’ option to accelerate the gameplay. 

The symbols of this game seem to have been inspired by the popular origami pieces of art. They include a magic frog, a goldfish, a ladybird, a Big Lord dog, a bird, and a kitty. A paper windmill is the most valuable symbol in the game and comes in different colours.

2. Magic Paper

Some stories are narrated so well that they create a fantasy world in the minds of readers. You’ll find something similar happening in your mind while playing Magic Paper. This online slot game has been released by Gameplay Interactive. It is a classic slot game complete with some cartoon-like visual elements. 

They include reels that look like parchment and a background resembling a desk. Magic Paper has 1 payline and 3 reels. This classic setup includes just three symbols and they are a cat, a stork, and koi fish. For winning a turn in Magic Paper, you’ll need to wait until three identical symbols land on the line. 

Additionally, the three symbols combined will get you a prize. In this game, the highest paying symbol is the koi fish. The image of this fish in the game would remind you of the yin and yang symbol.

3. Funtangramstic

This game makes the Japanese art of origami even more interesting for the player. It has been developed by Tuko Productions and is an online slot with some amazing illustrations. They can be witnessed on the reels and a background. You can clearly see the things that you might need to create origami. This game has 20 paylines and is played on 5 reels. 

You’ll also come across eight regular symbols in Funtangramstic. All of them appear like the origami shapes of varying animals and objects. They include the shapes of a rabbit, a cat, a fish, a boat, a house, an air balloon, and a tree. The special symbols help you understand what you’ve hit with the help of signs.

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